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Reach Out Lakota, Community pantry serving West Chester & Liberty Townships

Host a Donation Drive

Congratulations! You’re among the group of kind-hearted people in our community that want to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors who are struggling to meet basic needs. One of the most interactive ways to support Reach Out Lakota is through leading a food, clothing, or supply drive. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you so that your drive is both successful and fulfilling.

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Ready to do a drive?     Flyer Templates

Five steps to a successful donation drive

1. Select the dates of your drive. Select a collection start date, collection end date, and collection delivery date. Tell Reach Out Lakota your scheduled dates using the Ready button above. We suggest holding it for 1-2 weeks between the start and end dates so that your group has time to bring their items in. No matter what length of time you choose, plan on receiving items after your deadline. Expect the actual deadline to be a few days after the deadline that you publicize.

2. Advertise! Publicity is key to a successful drive. Spread the word to as many people as possible and don’t be shy about reminding them. Send out an email and make announcements. People like to be informed about ways they can help.

3. Distribute printed publicity materials. Print out Reach Out Lakota needs list and share it with the group who will be participating. Display needs lists in common areas such as a front desk, break room, etc..

4. Set up a drop-off point. Print out a flyer and post it in an easily accessible area. Attach another flyer to the box or bins that you are using to collect the food. Be sure to place the box or bin where people can see it.  Select smaller or medium sized boxes as they may get heavy and hard to move. Copier paper boxes work very well.

5. Collect and deliver! The hard part is over and it’s time for you to sit back and watch your group come together to help low-income families. After your donation drive is complete, bring the donation to Reach Out Lakota. You can come during open hours or arrange another time during the week to drop off your collection. If you need for the donation to be picked up, make sure that is arranged at the start of the drive by contacting

Thank you for helping children and families in need.