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How to get food / clothing

In order to fully comply with Reach Out Lakota's requirements for assistance, you must meet the following guidelines and bring the following documents:

Residential Requirements:

  • Be a resident of West Chester, Liberty Township and the Lakota School District; OR
  • Have children actively enrolled at Lakota Local Schools

Required documents:

  • Proof of Address: A current ( within 30 days) postmarked piece of mail for everyone the age of 18 and older. ( i.e. utility bill, cell phone bill, etc )
  • Photo ID for all adults (18+) ( drivers license, passport, gov't ID)
  • Some type of ID for anyone under 18 years old ( social security card, birth certificate, medical insurance card)
  • Attest that your family meets the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Family Size 1: Income under $24,980 per year
  • Family Size 2: Income under $33,820 per year
  • Family Size 3: Income under $42,660 per year
  • Family Size 4: Income under $51,500 per year

Come to Reach Out Lakota on any of our open days with these documents and we will be happy to serve you.

New procedures effective June 1, 2020 due to COVID 19
Reach Out Lakota New process/ Nuevo proceso

  • Asked brief health assessment questions
  • Give your name, services needed and receive a number. Go wait in car
  • When called in to the Pantry, wear a face covering.
  • Only 2 people per family enter building.
  • If shopping for clothing, only 2 people per family and you must stay together. Each family only gets 20 minutes to shop. ( larger families will get 30 minutes)
  • A maximum of 5 families will shop at one time
  • You will be called in to shop and given your time limit
  • You will be called by number when food is ready for pick up and you drive around back to get food
  • Due to time limits, everyone may not get to shop for clothing during a visit
  • Preguntas breves sobre su salud
  • Dé su nombre, los servicios necesarios y reciba un número. Regrese y espere
  • Cuando se llame a la despensa, use una cubierta facial/mascarilla.
  • Solo 2 personas por familia entran en el edificio.
  • Si compra ropa, solo 2 personas por familia y deben permanecer juntos. Cada familia solo tiene 20 minutos para ir de compras. (las familias más grandes obtendrán 30 minutos)
  • Un máximo de 5 familias pueden ir de compras a la vez
  • Se le llamará para comprar y se le dará su límite de tiempo
  • Se le llamará por número cuando la comida esté lista para recoger
  • Debido a los límites de tiempo, es posible que no tenga oportunidad de comprar ropa durante una visita
When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed
Maya Angelou